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You get to pick your own price for XMonitor. If XMonitor is worth $25 to you thats great. If you think it's only worth a buck, no problem! No matter what you decide it's worth, you will be sent a registration code to fully enable XMonitor.


Simply replace the question marks in the form below with what you think it's worth and press the Buy button. You will be taken to PayPal's Secure Server to complete the transaction.

$ - XMonitor 1.X Single User License

New members recieve $5.00 for signing up.

$ - XMonitor 1.X Site License

$ - XMonitor 1.X Global License

Securely Purchase XMonitor at our Kagi Online Store.
Kagi accepts Credit Card, Check, Money Order, Postal Money, and cash.
Because Kagi has a minimum processing fee, I cannot accept payments of less than five dollars.

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