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XMonitor 1.9.5
by Jon Daniels <apex@forked.net >

XMonitor is a real-time system monitoring application.


Drag XMonitor to your hard drive. You can then eject the XMonitor disc icon and throw away the XMonitor.dmg file.


Moving the mouse over an object will display a Help Tag with information about that object. Hold the Command key to view Extended Help Tags. Command-click on an object to copy the Help Tag to your clipboard.

To change display mode, click the triangles and square/rectangular buttons, use the Menus, Contextual menu, Dock menu, or the keyboard shortcuts. Continue reading for more help and information.

User Interface

Disclosure Triangles allow you to customize the information displayed by XMonitor. Keyboard shortcuts, Contextual menus, and Dock menus are also available to access common functions and display modes. Status Line mode will not display any graphs, this is a very low cpu mode. Horizontal and Vertical mode display only the graphs and optionally the icons and some data readouts in a smaller window. Both Horizontal & Vertical modes use ~30% less CPU than Normal mode. A Contextual menu can be accessed by holding Control and clicking anywhere in the application. Experiment to find the combination that works best for you. The four main displays can be option-clicked to open the History window for that display.

Email Monitoring will change the Mailbox icon to a 'you have mail' type icon if you have new mail. Clicking on this icon will revert it to the 'no mail' icon until new mail arrives.

Remote Hosts

This window will display the status of remote computers. Click on any field in the Host list and type the Hostname or IP address of a computer. If the computer is online and working, the Status field will be green with the word "up" displayed. If the computer is down it will be red and display "down". Each host will be polled every 40 seconds. If a host does not respond after that time, it will be polled again. If it does not respond after three consecutive polls its status will show "down". This window may be placed in the dock (Command-M) and will update normally. Hostnames will be saved automatically when the window is closed, and reloaded when opened again. A Notes field is provided for a description, name, etc for each host. New in 1.7, a checkbox toggles between ICMP ping and HTTP monitoring. Press Command-3, control-click on the main xmonitor window, or use the dock menu to view the Remote Hosts window. Very Small CPU hit.


The History window displays a record of activity for each of the four categories; network, load, disk, and memory. Each category can display anywhere from 60 minutes to 60 days of historical data. The Update Interval controls the compression rate of data. For example, an update interval of 5 would show 5 hours (5*1 hour) of hourly data and 5 days (5*1 day) of daily data. The current compression information is available in the graph selection menu and in the help tag. This window may be placed in the dock (Command-M) and will update normally. Press Command-2, control-click on the XMonitor window, or use the Dock menu to view the History window. Small CPU hit.

General Preferences

The first time you install XMonitor, you can open the preferences menu to configure XMonitor and enable features such as email monitoring.

Transparency is adjusted via a slider. Move it to the right and XMonitor becomes more transparent. Move it to the left and it becomes more opaque. If it is all the way to the left, transparency will be disabled. If greater than 0 Small CPU hit.

adjusts when XMonitor will receive CPU time (See: 'renice' below). At the lowest setting, XMonitor will run only when nothing else in Mac OS X wants to, at the highest setting it will run with the default priority level (0).

Clicking IP Address
controls what happens when you click on the IP Address display. It can copy the IP address to your clipboard, or toggle the display of LAN and External IP.

External IP
will display an internet visible IP address instead of a local address.

Absolute Uptime
will show the time passed since computer startup. Without this checked, time spent in Sleep mode will not be counted.

displays a line in most graphs representing the 10 second average data rate. Small CPU hit.

Dock Icon
allows you to put all four or any one graph into the Dock. Very small CPU hit.

can be in combined or dual mode. Dual mode displays send/write/system data from the top down while displaying receive/read/user from the bottom. Combined displays them stacked together from the bottom.

Email Monitoring allows you to be notified if you have new mail. It also displays how many messages you have waiting. This will not download, delete, or otherwise affect normal operations of your email. POP3 and IMAP protocols are available.

Snap To Edge of Screen allows the XMonitor window to 'snap' to the edge of the screen when it gets close.

Automatically Hide and Show Shows the XMonitor window when the mouse moves over its location. If XMonitor gets 'lost' underneath the Dock use the "Restore Defaults" button in the preferences or press Command-Option-d to hide the dock. Dual monitors are not officially supported with this option turned on and you may experience crashes or odd behavior if XMonitor is on the second monitor.

Advanced Preferences

Update Interval
specifies how often to poll the system and display the information (in seconds). Lowering this will decrease the amount of CPU time used. An update interval greater than ~10 may cause data to go off the graphs. 1=High CPU hit.

Scale Averaging will truncate the highest two spikes of each graph. This keeps the graphs from scaling upwards if only one or two spikes are off the chart.

Scale defaults to automatic scaling, which adjusts the scale of each graph according to how much data is currently displayed. This can be overridden and set to a specific scale.

Network Interface determines which network device will be monitored.

Save History saves data to generate reports in the History window. Small CPU hit.

Export Host Status saves the status (up, down, or err) of all hosts to the specified text file. This file is updated whenever a host is added, removed, or its status changes. Useful for remotely checking the status via a web site. Very small CPU hit.

Export History saves all history graphs as jpeg images and creates xmonstatus.html which displays the images in a table and includes other statistics about the host computer. This data is exported if a destination is selected, and the History window is open. Moderate CPU hit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "load average"?

The load average provides a convenient way to summarize the activity on a system. UNIX defines the load average as the average number of processes in the kernel's run queue during an interval. A "process" is a single stream of instructions. Most programs run as a single process, but some spawn (UNIX terminology: "fork") other processes as they run. A load average of 3 to 5 is not that severe, but you normally see the load averaging less than one or two.

What are page faults?
Interrupts that occur when a program requests data that is not currently in memory. The interrupt triggers the operating system to fetch the data from a disk and load it into RAM. These are shown in the Memory graph.
Mac OS X copies a certain number of pages from your storage device to main memory. When a program needs a page that is not in main memory, the operating system copies the required page into memory and copies another page back to the disk. Each time a page is needed that is not currently in memory, a page fault occurs.

What is Update Interval and what does it do?
This is best explained with an example: If the update interval is set to 10, XMonitor will only update its graphs, speeds, and most other information every 10 seconds. The graphs will be condensed--the last ten seconds of data will only take up one line (1 pixel of width) in the graph, not 10. However, the textual information will be in data per second, not data per ten seconds. This is a good way to make XMonitor use less of your CPU. An update interval of 2 will cause XMonitor to use 45% less cpu, an interval of 4 would use 80% less CPU time. You can test this using the Terminal command 'top -a'.

What does 'renice'ing do?
Thanks to it's BSD kernel, Mac OS X has an application scheduling system. You are able to make Applications have a very high priority and they will always get cpu time before any other program. Alternatively, you may prioritize an application to the lowest level and it will only get cpu time after all other processes with a higher priority have gotten theirs. The default slider value represents a normal priority level (0). Moving the slider will lower XMonitors priority.

What's this "CPU hit" stuff?
By enabling, disabling, or changing preferences in XMonitor you can fine-tune not only what information you see, but also how much CPU time is used by XMonitor. A "very small" cpu hit would save a barely noticeable amount of cpu time (less than 2%). "Small" CPU hit would possibly reduce XMonitor's CPU usage by 5-10%. "High" CPU hit items can reduce CPU usage by as much as 80-90%.

What are all these numbers and letters all over the place? (useless debugging symbols)
Some shortened terms are used to conserve screen space:

G = Gigabytes(1024 Megabytes)
M = Megabytes(1024 Kilobytes)
K = Kilobytes(1024 Bytes)
B = Bytes(8 bits)

d = days
h = hours
m = minutes

u = used memory
f = free memory


Bug Reporting
is built into XMonitor. If you experience an error you will have the option of sending a bug report from within XMonitor. It is highly recommended you submit a bug report so any bugs will be fixed in the next version. Alternatively, you may email bugs@forked.net. There are a few screen artifacts from time to time which are by-products of techniques used to minimize cpu usage.

Release Notes

[NEW] = New feature
[CHG] = Item has been changed
[FIX] = Bug was fixed


[CHG General] Now a Mach-O application.
[CHG XMonitor] No longer requires any custom external utilities. This equates to more simplicity and using less CPU.
[CHG XMonitor] Network and Disk Statistics gathering is now faster and simpler.
[FIX General] Automatic version checking fixed.


[CHG General] Updated XMonitor to be compatible with Mac OS 10.3 Panther.
[CHG General] Reduced overall CPU use by 7% in graphics drawing code.
[CHG General] New build method reduced application size by 1.3MB (24%).
[FIX General] Possible after-expiration registration problem fixed.
[FIX XMonitor]
External IP address works again.
[FIX XMonitor] Reformatted some help tags.
[FIX Global Floating] When in the background, mouse clicks on controls now work properly.


[NEW General] Created a new bug reporting system. No longer uses built-in socket connections to our smtp server, merely pushes the report to your favorite email client.
[NEW General] Automatically checks for updates at startup.
[NEW Preferences] Auto Update on or off in Advanced preferences.
[CHG Preferences] Enlarged Preferences window to make room for new controls.
[FIX General] No longer shows the registration window if already registered.
[FIX XMonitor] No longer updates mail count every time the Preferences are opened.


[FIX General] No longer says XMonitor is expired during initial launch.


[FIX XMonitor] Mail sounds work again (Error -414).


[NEW XMonitor] Added HTVC Version Checking via 'XMonitor' menu -> 'Check for Updates...' item.
[NEW Remote Hosts] Now supports cut, copy, paste, and clear commands.
[NEW Remote Hosts] Table drawing improved.
[FIX XMonitor] Fixed Dock icon cosmetic issues.
[FIX XMonitor] Made optimizations to Dock icon drawing code.
[FIX XMonitor] -333 error on application start fixed.
[CHG XMonitor] Possibly re-added support for 10.1 (does anyone use this? If so, does it work?).
[CHG XMonitor] No longer displays PPP Status due to unavoidable bugs caused by using it in conjunction with other socket functions.
[FIX Preferences] Select All and Close Menu Items were accidently disabled in v1.8.


[NEW XMonitor] Added Quit item to Contextual Menu.
[FIX General] Removed extra Preferences Menu item and changed shortcut to command-,.
[FIX General]
Window Menu items were not being check/unchecked on open and close. Key shortcuts didn't close the windows once opened.
[FIX XMonitor] Web links in purchase window were inactive.
[FIX XMonitor] Disclosure Triangle resizing when snapped to edge of screen behavior restored.
[FIX XMonitor] Mail Icon is back (disappeared in 1.8b1).
[FIX XMonitor] The Vertical Display wasn't remembering if the extra Info (icons, etc.) should be shown between window closes & application restarts.
[FIX Preferences] Fixed incorrect helptags.
[FIX Preferences] Tabbing between Mail editfields was broken.
[CHG ReadMe] Updated Documentation where needed.


[NEW General] No longer requires special (root) permissions & passwords. Application can now be moved across hard drives or other disks after install. (yay!)
[NEW General] Can now run on a disk image.
[NEW XMonitor] Load display is now split three ways; system (red), user (green), and idle (yellow).
[NEW XMonitor] Now shows the number of files on each volume/disk.
[NEW XMonitor] The Network Graph Helptag displays the name of the network interface being monitored.
[NEW XMonitor] Network statistic gathering re-written for speed.
[NEW Preferences]
Added preference which determines the Network Interface to monitor; All, lo0, en0, en1, or en2.
[CHG General] Optimized path determination. Uses less CPU, more reliable.
[CHG XMonitor] Rewrote volume/disk, memory, and cpu information gathering code. Now runs faster, uses less cpu time, and is more reliable. Memory stats now only work in 10.2 and later.
[CHG XMonitor] Percentage of CPU used by system vs. user is much more accurate.
[CHG XMonitor] No longer differentiates between active/idle processes as the data was useless under OSX.
[CHG XMonitor] Memory statistics update earlier after application launch.
[CHG XMonitor] Removed buttons that changed display modes. Use Contextual menu or keyboard shortcuts to change display mode.
[FIX General]
No longer reports -40 permissions errors.
[FIX General] No longer requires app restart when containing folder is renamed.
[FIX XMonitor] Fixed some problems with window resizing when disclosure triangles were used.
[FIX XMonitor] Disabled deactivation (greying) of displays when in the background. (again)
[FIX Remote Hosts] Pause when local computer is offline via ethernet and monitoring via WWW fixed.
[FIX Remote Hosts] Multiple bugs fixed.
[FIX Preferences] Fixed problems when updating from XMonitor 1.5 and earlier versions.
[FIX XMonitor] Command-clicking certain items would copy text to the clipboard with the wrong encoding format.


[NEW Remote Hosts] Can now choose between ICMP ping and http monitoring. There is a new checkbox in the hosts table. Selecting it sends http requests to the host on port 80 instead of ICMP ping. (requested)
[NEW Remote Hosts] Column widths are now remembered. (requested)
[FIX Preferences]
Graphics stopped showing up in some cases.
[CHG XMonitor] Minor optimizations in display drawing code.
[CHG Remote Hosts] Three failures in a row are now required before a host is marked 'down' (was two or possibly even one). Time between checks doubled to 40 seconds (was 20). (requested)


[FIX XMonitor] Mail Notification sounds were not playing.


[FIX XMonitor] Serial Number's were incorrectly marked as invalid (appeared in 1.6). You will need to re-enter your serial number after upgrading to 1.6.1 to fix this problem.


[NEW XMonitor] Option-clicking a graph opens its related History window.
[NEW XMonitor] File Close menu item now enabled for the XMonitor window.
[NEW XMonitor] Disk sizes now have two decimal places of extra detail when greater than one gigabyte.
[NEW Preferences] A new Advanced Preference allows changing the web server which supplies the External IP address. It now defaults to our server, forked.net, instead of whatismyip.com as it's much more efficient.
[FIX XMonitor] Now works in both Mac OS 10.2 and 10.1.
[FIX XMonitor] Valid Licenses were sometimes not accepted.
[FIX XMonitor] Disk labels were incorrectly truncated at ~21 characters.
[FIX XMonitor] Added support for "/" character in folder names. Until now, if a / was in a folder's name in the path to XMonitor, the graphs would be blank.
[FIX Preferences] Changing sound with xmonitor window closed, would open it and close the preferences.
[FIX Preferences] No longer updates the External IP address unnecessarily.


[FIX XMonitor] Reseting All-time statistics only worked temporarily.
[FIX XMonitor] All-time statistics could have been formatted incorrectly and listed inversely.


[NEW XMonitor] Shows network interfaces, MTU (Maximum Transfer Unit), and duplex mode in Network Status Help Tag.
[NEW XMonitor] When changing Display Mode (vertical, horizontal, etc.), XMonitor resizes relative to the screen quadrant it is in. For example, if the window is in the lower-right corner, the lower-right corner of the XMonitor window will not move, the other three will.
[FIX XMonitor] When using the Absolute Uptime preference, periods greater than a few days did not show hours and minutes.
[FIX XMonitor] Updated External IP routines to be compatible with new whatismyip.com server.
[CHG XMonitor] Instead of using open and close commands for the XMonitor window, it now toggles open and closed via Command-1. This standardizes the normal and GFW versions and allows the XMonitor window to be closed in the GFW version.
[CHG General] Application start (and XMonitor window open) time decreased ~10-40%.
[FIX General] Misc. bug fixes.
[FIX General] Help Menu item could fail to open the ReadMe.
[FIX XMonitor] When in Vertical or Horizontal display, the Display Mode Button's Help Tag correctly displays "Full Display".


[NEW] XMonitor All-time Network and Disk transfer values. These allow monitoring of total bandwidth usage per month, week, day, etc. These values are in the Disk and Network Icon Help Tags. To reset these values, control-click in the XMonitor window and select: Reset All-time Network Counter and Reset All-time Disk Counter.
[CHG] General Improved support for long folder names, and long paths to xmonitor.
[CHG] General Improved bug reporting.
[CHG] General Drag and Drop installation.
[CHG] General Improved error and bug report handling.
[CHG] XMonitor On startup, now shows (...) if it is checking email or an external IP.
[CHG] Preferences Can now be opened and edited without the XMonitor window being open.
[FIX] General Bug report window was not showing responses from smtp server.
[FIX] General -33 or -333 error on application start may be fixed.
[FIX] General Closing the XMonitor window while the email checking socket was connected caused an error.
[FIX] General Bug reports were missing some information (introduced in 1.4.1)
[FIX] XMonitor Information in the Disk Icon HelpTag could have been formatted incorrectly.
[FIX] XMonitor Clicking Mail icon reverts back to No Mail icon (introduced in 1.4?)
[FIX] Preferences Using the menu item File->Close (Command-W) instead of the close window widget may not have saved changes correctly.
[FIX] Mail Checking Very rare kernel panic fixed.

1.4.1 [BUG] = Bug was fixed

[NEW] XMonitor Command-Clicking on most items in the main XMonitor window will copy the information in its Help Tag to the clipboard.
[CHG] XMonitor Support for up to 25 disks
[CHG] XMonitor Main window can now be closed, no preference required. Some bugs relating to closing this window should now be fixed.
[BUG] XMonitor Status Line mode was consuming large amounts of CPU (introduced in 1.4).
[CHG] General Added support for most special characters in XMonitors path.
[CHG] General Command-; will open the Preferences, this is in addition to Command-0 (zero).
[CHG] General Resets window positions if windows are 'lost' on a second monitor which is no longer connected.


[NEW] General Support for custom AIFF sounds located in ~/Library/Sounds/
[NEW] XMonitor Added list of logged in users to User display Help Tag.
[NEW] XMonitor Added more network information to Network Status Help Tag.
[NEW] XMonitor Can now 'snap' to the edges of the screen.
[NEW] XMonitor Can automatically show and hide like the Dock.
[NEW] XMonitor Added MAC Address to Network Status Help Tag
[NEW] Remote Hosts Columns can be resized.
[NEW] Remote Hosts Added scroll bars.
[NEW] Remote Hosts Control-click-drag will allow it to be moved like the main XMonitor window.
[NEW] Remote Hosts Status can be automatically exported to a text file.
[NEW] Remote Hosts Automatically reopens on application start.
[NEW] Remote Hosts Notes column added to store misc. information.
[NEW] Remote Hosts Added support for 20 dynamic error messages in the Remote Hosts window. They appear as a Help Tag in each row.
[NEW] History Automatically reopens on application start.
[NEW] History Can now be automatically exported to html with jpeg images. Also exports some extra statistics not in the History window.
[NEW] Preferences XMonitor window can now be closed. Command-1 re-opens it.
[NEW] Preferences Uptime can be displayed as an Absolute value (includes time spent in sleep mode).
[NEW] Preferences Custom IP Address click behavior: Copy to clipboard or toggle between LAN/External IP Address.
[CHG] General Command keys for the History and Remote Hosts windows have changed to Command-2 and Command-3, respectively.
[CHG] General Unregistered copies can now run indefinitely, however there is still a nag screen.
[CHG] General Now dynamically builds the list of sounds from /System/Library/Sounds/. This reduces the application size by ~700KB and allows custom sounds to be added.
[CHG] XMonitor Disabled Auto Hiding beneath the Menu Bar (too difficult to use).
[CHG] XMonitor Recoded a lot of window resizing which fixed some bugs, but may have created new ones.
[CHG] XMonitor Consolidated PPP/Network/IP address displays into one. This allowed less space to be used for the status line by moving uptime into the disk area and removing the date and time display.
[CHG] XMonitor Moved most Expanded Help Tags to a new line below the normal Help Tag. This breaks Apple's HIG a bit, but no one knew how to access the Expanded Help Tags.
[BUG] General Zombie processes are no longer created. This led to -39 (no shell available) errors and other problems.
[BUG] General If the Preferences were removed while XMonitor was running an error (-401) could occur when the Dock Icon settings were changed.
[BUG] XMonitor If not in Normal Display Mode, Restoring Defaults would cause display errors the next
time the Display Mode was changed.
[BUG] XMonitor Removed extra resizing step when switching from vertical to normal display mode.
[BUG] XMonitor Graphs sometimes jumped to their maximum scale. This may be fixed.
[BUG] XMonitor Cosmetic fix for Disk displays disclosure triangle.
[BUG] XMonitor Sometimes a graph would appear to flicker when changing scales.
[BUG] XMonitor No longer attempts to check email or external IP address if computer is not online.
[BUG] Remote Hosts Host list could be reset if the first item was blank.
[BUG] Remote Hosts Fixed very small memory leak.
[BUG] Remote Hosts If a host was removed from the Remote Hosts window then the window was closed and re-opened the host would be re-added.
[BUG] Preferences Custom Net Scale values in the Advanced Preferences >512K were cosmetically incorrect.
[BUG] Preferences Auto Hide & Show preference could become disabled even if Snapping was enabled.
[BUG] Misc. Numerous small bug fixes.


[NEW] Adjustable Text Font & Size.
[CHG] No longer dim when in the background.
[CHG] Support for up to 20 remote hosts.
[BUG] Fixed a memory leak of 14 bytes every time text was drawn.


[NEW] Graph Scale can be fixed at a specific setting via the Advanced preference tab.
[NEW] Remote Host Window: Status monitoring of remote computers via ICMP (Command-2).
[NEW] History Window: Daily and Hourly statistics for network, memory, disk, and load (Command-1).
[NEW] Host Monitoring and History windows will update when minimized in the dock.
[NEW] Menu options to change display modes with keyboard shortcuts: Command-Shift-V,N,H (Vertical, Normal, Horizontal).
[NEW] Window Menu, Dock menu items, and Contextual Menu items for opening the Preferences, Remote Host, and History windows with keyboard shortcuts: Command-0, 1, and 2 respectively.
[NEW] Button in General preferences to restore defaults, including window positions.
[CHG] Graphs were 49X49 pixels when 50X50 pixels worth of data existed. Graphs are now larger in order to display all of the data.
[CHG] Updated Documentation.
[CHG] Completely redesigned the Preferences window & added Advanced tab.
[CHG] Trimmed a few pixels off the vertical window by fixing some uneven spacing.
[CHG] Lowered CPU usage by 32-59%.
[BUG] The default window mode could have been Status Line only.
[BUG] During a scale change for the load graph, the percent of user/system load amounts were calculated for the current percentage when drawing each line instead of the percentage for that line.
[BUG] Network Average was incorrect if update interval was > 1.
[BUG] Dock menu item for Dock icon wouldn't get check marked at application start.


[BUG] Installation problems fixed
[BUG] Speeds under 1K could get formatted incorrectly (890.343254325 bytes, etc.)
[BUG] Email password could easily become corrupted
[BUG] Speeds were computed incorrectly if update interval was > 1
[BUG] In application url for website was incorrect in two places
[BUG] On scale change, network graph would show disk graphs average line


[NEW] Adjustable volume.
[NEW] List of sounds to choose from to play on new mail
[BUG] Nice level could have become corrupted
[BUG] Unregistered plugin error


[NEW] Added preference to renice the application to a lower level.
[NEW] Variable Update Interval. This allows the user to specify how much cpu time
XMonitor uses.
[NEW] Smooth window transitions. Might look a bit odd at times, but definitely cool
[NEW] Mail password stored in an encrypted format
[NEW] Dock menu items: refresh ip address, refresh mail count
[NEW] Contextual menu items: refresh ip address, refresh mail count
[NEW] IMAP support
[NEW] Contextual menu to hide and show information when in Graphs Only mode and Vertical display mode. (Control-click)
[NEW] Vertical Display mode
[NEW] Option to display all four, or a single graph in the Dock.
[NEW] Customizable colors
[NEW] Remembers window mode and positions
[NEW] Dual or Combined graph modes
[NEW] Percent of RAM active
[NEW] Get external (world visible) IP address option
[NEW] Disk read/write numerical speed and average speed
[NEW] Max disk read/write speed (all-time and session)
[NEW] If mail checking has an error, the number of mails text will change to "err"
and the Help Tag will display the full error message
[NEW] Size of Inbox in KB displayed in expanded help tag for the Messages In Inbox
[NEW] wired,free,active,inactive memory shown in ram icon Help Tag
[NEW] Session fastest network send speed, session fastest network receive speed
[NEW] Average disk rw speed and average load shown graphically
[NEW] Option to disable display of graph averages
[CHG] Moved scale text down into the graphs
[CHG] Removed titlebar and made entire window draggable (saves lots of space)
[CHG] Average lines now based on last 10 seconds of data instead of last 50
[CHG] Increased width of average lines
[CHG] Less cluttered Preferences
[CHG] Preferences use Help Tags now instead of custom Help Box
[CHG] Many changes in Disk and Network related help and extended help tags
[CHG] Removed redundant information from help tags and replaced it with unique
information from expanded help tags
[CHG] Combined Max speed box now displays Session combined max speed instead
of All-time max speed
[BUG] Horizontal grid lines showed up over data lines after scale change
[BUG] Now removes error messages in mail help tag once problem goes away
[BUG] External IP would revert back to local IP
[BUG] Lost threads would cause a pause during which no input was accepted
[BUG] Another -38 Error fixed
[BUG] Mem graph could go off the scale
[BUG] Conformed better to the POP3 protocol
[BUG] % of load by user/system split was completely inaccurate
[BUG] Bug reports started sending without pressing the submit button
[BUG] File paths work when special characters are involved
[BUG] Session max disk speed was out of alignment by 2 pixels


[BUG] -38 command not found error fixed
[BUG] -38 (setuid) error caused if users Applications folder was not owned by root
[BUG] Spelling error (received not recieved)
[BUG] Help display in prefs was partially offscreen


[BUG] Cosmetic fixes. Text was not fitting into fields/windows
[BUG] Supports more than 2048MB data and disk amounts
[BUG] Some help text shortened to fit in windows
[BUG] No more -2 error if more than 10 disks mounted
[BUG] Support for large disk read/write amounts
[BUG] Lower part of XMonitor would not get redrawn under some circumstances
[CHG] Disabled or enable email prefs editing if email monitoring is on or off
[CHG] Changed the ordering of some text for consistency
[CHG] More preference changes take place in realtime
[CHG] Removed unused PPP monitoring toggle
[CHG] Removed eject button (kinda pointless)
[CHG] Decreased helpbox and xmonitor window height by 4 pixels
[CHG] Modified graphics drawing routines, uses 20% less cpu now
[CHG] Made all dialogs and windows more in line with Apple's HIG.
[CHG] Enabled Live Scrolling for transparency levels (Wow!)
[CHG] Moved some custom inline help into OSX native Help Tags
[CHG] Truncate disk names if they are too long to be displayed


XMonitor by Jon Daniels <apex@forked.net >
Support <XM-support@forked.net >
Bug Reports <bugs@forked.net >

Copyright (C) 1998-2003 fork networking, LLC

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